18th August 2015

The latest release of the Magenta Voyager firmware is now available (2015.07)
Note the release is for all Voyager products and contains the MagUI Voyager management software as well as the latest transmitter, receiver, and switch firmware.

New Firmware MagentaVoyagerFW2015-07.zip
Release note: tvONE Magenta Voyager Full Release Note FW2015.07(21-07-15).xlsx

Summary of what is included in this release (Please read release note for complete list)
* M-mode for HDCP management
* Code enhancements to improve RS232 operation

 Firmware Update Instructions:
1: Unzip the downloadable zip file
2: Connect PC to the device with a USB cable
3: Run MagUI.exe from the unzipped folder
4: Select the “Firmware Update” tab on the left
5: The latest package of all firmware will automatically load in the "update from file" window. This single file contains all the latest individual Voyager firmware and will auto select the correct software for the hardware being updated.
6: Click “Update”

The process should take less than 3 minutes and the log window should say: “Firmware updated!”.
If this is not the case, unplug every cable from the unit, including power and re-plug the power cable and restart at step 2.

Older releases:
9th April 2015 : MagentaVoyagerFW2015-03.zip
9th April 2015 : tvONE Magenta Voyager Release Note FW2015.03(09-04-15).pdf

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