Video I/O
1T-CT-521 Tx - DVI-D In    1x via DVI-I Connector
1T-CT-524 Rx - DVI-D Out  1x via DVI-I Connector
1T-CT-528 Rx - DVI-D Out    1x via DVI-I Connector
Audio I/O    
S/PDIF – All Units    1x Coax
Analog Stereo – All Units    1x 3.5mm Stereo Audio
UTP Outputs I/O    
1T-CT-521 Tx – UTP Ou   1x via RJ-45
1T-CT-524 Rx – UTP In    1x via RJ-45
1T-CT-528 Rx – UTP In    1x via RJ-45
Video Performance    
Maximum Resolution  Up to 1920x1200, 1080p/60
Video Bandwidth    1.65Gbps
1T-CT-524/528    Equalization and Gain 
Maximum Range    
1T-CT-524    100 meters (325 ft)
1T-CT-528    250 meters (800 ft)
Limited Warranty    2 Years Parts and Labor
Cable Requirements    
CAT.5/5E or CAT 6    Network Grade, Premium
Mechanical (H-W-D)    
All Models    30x123x125mm(1.18x4.84x”4.92)
All Models    700g (1.54 lbs)