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Refurbished Products for Sale

Check the list below to see what's available for a reduced price. Most items are simply missing original packaging or may have cosmetic flaws. Shipping times may vary, no rush shipments are available on refurbished products. Inventory on this list changes often, please check with your salesperson for availability.

Please call if the price is not listed or if you need prices in Euros or Pounds.  There are two lists, one for the US and UK inventory.

US Warehouse Inventory

1T-C2-100 RGB/YPbPr to Video Down Converter with CORIO2 Technology
1T-C2-400 PC/HD Cross Converter
1T-C2-520 DVI-I to HD-SDI Converter
1T-CT-420 Cat.5 Tx-Rx Economy Set - RGBHV, 180M
1T-CT-456 Cat.5 Rx - RGBHV, 300M, Cat.5 Repeater
1T-CT-464 Cat.5 Rx - YPbPr, 300M, Stereo
1T-CT-641 Transmitter: HDMI ver1.3a over Single Cat.5e/6
1T-CT-647 8-Output Transmitter: HDMI ver1.3a over Single Cat.5e/6 with 8 Cat 5e/6 Outputs
1T-CT-651 HDMI v1.4 over Single CAT6 TX, RS-232, HDBaseT, HDMI Bypass
1T-CT-652 HDMI v1.4 over Single CAT6 RX, RS-232, HDBaseT
1T-CT-653 HDMI v1.4 over Single CAT6 TX, RS-232, HDBaseT, LAN, IR, PoE Support
1T-CT-653-USWP HDBaseT 5-play US Wall Plate Transmitter
1T-CT-654 HDMI v1.4 over Single CAT6 RX, RS-232, HDBaseT, LAN, IR, PoE Support
1T-CT-654A HDMI to CAT5e/6 with LAN/IR/RS-232/selectable PoE
1T-DA-462 1x2 RGBHV DA w/Stereo - 450 MHz.Switch USB PS2 Cable
1T-DA-472 Distribution Amp - 1x2 RGBHV & Stereo
1T-DA-552 1x2 DVI-D DA w/HDCP
1T-DA-554 1x4 DVI-D DA w/HDCP
1T-DA-564 1x4 DVI-D DA w/HDCP plus Stereo & SPDIF
1T-DA-652 1x2 HDMI v1.3 DA
1T-DA-658 1x8 HDMI v1.3 DA
1T-DA8CVB 1x8 DA - C-Video w/BNC
1T-DA8SV 1x8 DA - S-Video
1T-DVI-HDMI DVI & Digital Audio to HDMI Converter
1T-EDID-11 EDID/CEC Selector
1T-FC-326 HDMI to Component Format Converter
1T-FC-425 DVI to RGBHV/YPbPr Format Converter
1T-FC-524 RGBHV/YPbPr to DVI Format Converter
1T-FC-677 3G-SDI to HDMI Converter
1T-HDMI-821 2x1 HDMI Switcher
1T-MV-8474 4K Multiviewer that supports HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA + analogue and digital audio
1T-PAL-NTSC Standards Converter
1T-PC1280HD PC/HDTV to PC/HDTV Converter
1T-SW8X1CVB 8x1 Switcher - C-Video w/BNC
1T-SX-632 2x1 HDMI v1.3 Switcher
1T-TBC Time Base Corrector
1T-TBC-GL Time Base Corrector with Genlock
1T-TG-620 Test Generator - HDMI
1T-TG-PCHD Test Generator - PC/HD Analog
1T-VGA-412 1x2 RGBHV DA - 500MHz
1T-VS-434 PC/HD to PC/HD Scaler
1T-VS-558 PCHD-DVI Scaler
1T-VS-624 RGB to HDMI Scaler
1T-VS-626 HDMI Scaler with Audio Breakout & Delay
1T-VS-658 HDMI Scaler
1T-VS-668 HDMIx3, VGAx3, YUVx1, CVx1 to HDMI/VGA scaling switch w/audio
2211079-03 HD-One DX - HDMI Video and Audio Extension Kit; Includes Tx, Rx, and (2) universal PSUs
2211096-02 HDMI Video and Audio Extension Kit; HD-One LX, Rx
2211113-01 HD-One LX500 - HDMI Video and Audio Extension Kit; Includes Tx, Rx, and (2) univ
2310006-01-MM 2-port transmitter with HDMI (HDCP), Audio & RS-232; One MMF SFP Included
2310008-01 2-port transmitter with VGA/S-Video/YUV/C; Audio & RS-232; One MMF SFP Included
2310015-01 4-port transmitter with Audio & RS-232(No Video); Two MMF SFPs Included
2320007-01-MM 2-Port receiver with HDMI (HDCP), Audio & RS-232; One MMF SFP Included
2350500-MM M/M USB Transceivers Kit
2620016-03 Multiview II XRTx-SAP Univ. Transmitter, addressable serial + stereo audio
2620063-02 Mulitview II DVI-Tx-S/A
AP-411 Audio Delay
AP-536 HDMI Audio Extractor
AVT-1660 Standards Converter - Digital
AVT-3155A Computer to Video Down Converter
AVT-3320 Up Converter - Video to UXGA
AVT-3350 Up converter - Video to UXGA, 1080p
AVT-3420 Up Converter - Video to WUXGA with PIP & Tuner
AVT-3900 HDMI Scaler - Power Supply Included
AVT-6071 8-Multi-format Input HDMI Switcher/Up Converter
AVT-8120 Quad Splitter
C2-1100 Down Converter
C2-2100A Down Converter w/DVI (approaching EOL)
C2-2105 Down Converter w/DVI & SDI
C2-2375A Universal 3G Up/Down/Cross Converter w/Audio Processing. Max HD-SDI 1080p/60 (3G). Inputs: 1x 3G/HD/SD-SDI, 2x DVI-U (DV
C2-2450A Edge Blender w/DVI
C2-2655 C2-2655 Scan Converter Plus
C2-2755 C2-2755 Video Scaler Plus
C2-3360 Universal I/O 8x2 Seamless Switcher, w/ Key/PIP, Stereo Audio
C2-6104A CORIOview DVI-U Multiviewer
C2-6204 CORIOview 3G-SDI Multiviewer
C2-8110 6x DVI-U In, 2x DVI-U Out
C2-8120 8x DVI-U In, 2x DVI-U Out
C2-8160 10x DVI-U In, 2x DVI-U Out, plus AES3-id Audio Interface
C2-8210 8x DVI-U & 2x 3G-SDI In, 2x DVI-U & 2x 3G-SDI Out
C3-310 CORIOmatrix 1RU Chassis
C3-340 CORIOmatrix Chassis
C3-510 CORIOmaster 1RU Chassis w/ 5 slots available for I/OModules plus 1 fixed, 2-port Universal DVI-U Input module
CM-DVI-I-SC-2OUT Output Module with Scaling: 2x DVI-I (Packaged) *Firmware M403 or newer needed*
CM-DVIU-2IN Input module: Dual 2x DVI-U (DVI, HDMI, RGB/YUV, CV, YC) via DVI-I (Packaged)
CM-DVIU-MON-2OUT Output Module (Monitoring): 2x DVI-U via DVI-I Connectors (Packaged)
CM-HDBT-SC-2OUT-1ETH CORIOmaster HDBaseT 2 scaled outputs and 1 Ethernet (Packaged) *Firmware M403 or newer needed*
CM-HDBT-XSC-2OUT-1ETH CORIOmatrix HDBaseT 2 scaled outputs and 1 Ethernet (Packaged)
CM-HDMI-4K-SC-1OUT CORIOmaster HDMI 4K 1-output (Packaged) *Firmware M403 or newer needed*
CM-HDSDI-4IN Input Module - 4x HD/SD-SDI via BNC
CS-320R CORIOscan Connect Scan Converter RoHS
LM-404HDA Quad 4.3" Rackmount HDTV LCD Monitor with Audio
LM-503HDA Triple 5" Rackmount HDTV LCD Monitor
MVII-DVI-RX-1K-S/A Multiview II DVI-Rx-1K-S/A & skew with DVI audio embedding support v2.00
MVII-DVI-RX-1K-SAP Multiview II DVI-Rx-1K-SAP & Skew v2.00
MX-2522 2x2 Matrix VGA Switcher
MX-3141CSVA 4x1 Switcher - CV-SV-Stereo Audio
P2-105 Multi 12V Power Supply for up to 5x S2- or C2-units. NOT FOR C2-2855/2755/2655
POF-820 Coaxial to Optical Audio Converter
RM-120 Rackmount support rails to fit 600mm (24") deep racks
RM-130 Rackmount support rails to fit 800mm (32") deep racks
S2-105DVIA 5x1 DVI-D Video and Stereo Audio Switcher with C2 Interface
S2-106AD 6x2 Stereo Audio Switcher with Full Processing, Delay, C2 Interface
VS-226 HDMI to Video Down Converter


UK Warehouse Inventory

1T-DA-652 1x2 HDMI v1.3 DA 
1T-FC-425 DVI to RGBHV/YPbPr Format Converter
1T-HDMI-DVI HDMI to DVI Format Converter
1T-MX-6344 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher w/HDCP
1T-SX-632 HDMI Switcher - 4x1
1T-VGA-414 RGB/YPbPr Distribution Amplifier - 1x2
1T-VS-626 HDMI Video Scaler w/ Audio Embedding and De-embedding
1T-CT-452 UTP Receiver for RGBHV with Stereo Audio
1T-CT-654A HDMI 4K UHD HDBaseT 5-Play Receiver with External Power Option
1T-DA-654 HDMI Distribution Amplifier w/HDCP - 1x4
1T-FC-766 HDMI to 3G SDI Converter
1T-VS-647 SDI to HDMI Video Converter w/ Audio
1T-CT-524 DVI-D + Audio UTP Receiver
MX-3141CSVA CV or S-Video Switcher with Stereo 4x1
P2-105 12v Rack Mount Power Supply for 5 Devices
1T-CT-654 HDMI 4K UHD HDBaseT 5-Play Receiver with External Power Option
C2-1150 CORIO2 Down Converter w/ PiP, Keying and more
C2-1350 CORIO2 Universal Video Scaler w/ Picture in Picture
2211034-02 Cyan VGA Kit
1T-CT-633 Cat.6 Repeater - HDMI, Single UTP Cable
C2-7100 Dual Channel Video Processor
C2-2150A CORIO2 Down Converter w/ PiP and Keying
C2-2205A CORIO2 Switcher/Scaler with HD/SD-SDI
C3-510 CORIOmaster mini
C3-540 CORIOmaster
CM-4RPS Redundant PSU for 4RU Series Units - User Installable
CM-DVI-I-SC-2OUT-FF Output Module with Scaling: 2x DVI-I 
CM-DVIU-2IN Universal DVI CORIOmaster Input Module
C2-2200A CORIO2 Switcher/Scaler