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November 2, 2006  

Multi-Format Conversions Made Easy for the Seattle Mariners

ERLANGER , KY , November 2, 2006—When the Seattle Mariners Baseball team needed to integrate multiple video formats, advertising and live data feeds onto a single screen for distribution to their plasma TV network, they turned to VenueVision® Media Systems, a Canadian based company, to provide the solution. VenueVision® Media Systems then chose to use TV One’s superior video processing technology as part of their overall solution.

VenueVision® Media Systems was chosen because of its track record of providing cost effective HDTV broadcasting systems to other professional sports organizations including several NHL hockey teams. In business since 2001, VenueVision® Media Systems has quickly become the go-to company for professional sports organizations that want an extremely high-quality video solution delivered within budget and on time.
"It has taken many months of hard work,” said David Barnes, President of TV One. “We feel the end-result proves we are a company dedicated to providing the best quality of service at the highest standards and obtaining this certification best demonstrates our commitment to this cause."

TV One’s products were chosen because of their vastly superior CORIO2 signal processing technology and their dual channel signal processing capabilities. More capable than competing products and less expensive, the products are well suited to VenueVision’s business approach.

According to the Chief Engineer for In-house productions Kenneth Scott, the VenueVision® Media Systems HD implemented at Safeco Field - Seattle, WA utilizes a full 1920 x 1080i HDTV signal created by the team’s television rights holders, NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) and FSNW (Fox Sports Northwest). This uncompressed (1.5Gbps) HD-SDI signal is encoded via a Telecast MTX5292 single-mode fiber optic transmitter to the in-house RF distribution room closet located within the ballpark. This optical signal is then decoded back to HD-SDI by a Telecast MRX5292 reciever. This signal is then applied to the input of a TV One C2-7200 dual channel video processor along with a standard definition SDI signal originated by the Mariners’ in-house production department and the VenueVision® Media Systems HD via a high-resolution DVI graphics card.

The TV One C2-7200’s advanced capabilities create a Picture-in-Picture composite output from the various multi-format inputs. That signal is then encoded by a Harris MPEG-2 FlexiCoder and a Scientific Atlanta Quasar MKII QAM256 modulator for distribution to throughout the ballparks high profile suite and seating locations.

George Jung, VP of Engineering for VenueVision® Media Systems, said, "the support given by TV One’s engineering groups was critical to the success of the project. Throughout the project, TV One’s engineers and sales personnel provided excellent and timely support to VenueVision® Media Systems and the Seattle Mariners. All issues were successfully addressed and resolved in a timely manner. TV One’s C2-7200 product is very cost-effective and exceeds the power of any other multi-format video processor on the market."

VenueVision® Media Systems is located at 2180 Dunwin Drive, Unit 4 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada telephone (416)361-1300 or online at Businesses or Individuals needing help with any HDTV installation projects can rely on Venuevision’s and TV One’s expertise to solve any riddles that may confront them.

For more information regarding TV One please contact Amy Fraley and for more information regarding VenueVision® Media Systems please contact David Kinnear at 866-401-1300.

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Founded in 1991, TV One specializes in video, audio and multimedia processing equipment, based on its proprietary CORIO Ô video conversion technology. Centrally located in Erlanger , KY with offices across the globe, TV One manufactures a complete line-up of products for the professional and broadcast video market.