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cheese video box

Cheese Video Box

Cheese Video Box allows you to turn any VGA Monitor, TFT Display or LCD Panel into a high quality Video Monitor for viewing standard analog video signals. Cheese automatically detects virtually all NTSC or PAL video inputs, doubles their scan rate from 15.75KHz to 31.5KHz and provides a standard VGA output signal. An Input Selector Push Button allows you to easily switch between a computer source and a video source.

Cheese Video Box Uses
  • Add a Video-In feature to your VGA Monitor
  • Play Video Games of your VGA Monitor
  • View Camcorder, VCR or DVD or your VGA Monitor
  • Add a Video-In feature to low cost LCD Panels

Cheese Video Box Key Features

  • Video Line Doubler
  • Automatically Detects NTSC, PAL-B,G,I,D or K
  • Composite or S-Video Input
  • VGA Output
  • Blue screen when no video input is detected
  • Latching Input Selector Switch to select Computer or Video
  • One-Year Limited Warranty

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Cheese Video Box Application Diagram  
Cheese Video Box Application Diagram  

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