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Digital Routing Switchers


Routing Switchers allow multiple signal sources to be routed to destinations without moving input and output cables. Routing Switchers can be for a variety of different video and audio formats.

The S2 Series are multi-functional products. They can operate as standalone switchers with local and remote control. However, their real power is evidenced when connected to a C2 Series Scaler/Switcher. In their role as Expansion Modules for the C2 Series, the connection between the units via the Options Connector allows seamlessly integration of the S2 unit into the C2. From an operational and control standpoint, the additional inputs become part of the C2 connected Scaler/Switcher.

All C2, 1T-C2 and S2 series products that require external 12VDC power are compatible with the P2-105 5-DC Output Power Supply that may be used in lieu of the individual power adapters provided with each model.

Model Number Product Image Signal Type In/Out Bandwidth Connectors Notes
CORIOmatrix mini CORIOmatrix mini Module Dependent Up to 10 In/Outs
via Universal DVI
See Specsheet Module Dependent  
MOD-848 MOD-848 Module Dependent 8x8 165MHz Module Dependent  
MOD-16416 MOD-16416 Module Dependent 16x16 165MHz Module Dependent  
MOD-32432 MOD-32432 Module Dependent 32x32 165MHz Module Dependent  
MX-8488 MX-8488 HDMI, HDBaseT 8x8 225MHz HDMI, RJ45 RS-232, IR, IP,
HDBaseT, HDMI V1.3 Compliant
MX-6388 MX-6388 HDMI 8x8 225MHz HDMI RS-232, IR, IP,
V1.3 Compliant
MX-5288 MX-5288 DVI-D 8x8 165MHz DVI-I RS-232, IR, IP
S2-108HD S2-108hd SD/HD-SDI 8x2 165MHz BNC RS-232, IR
Stereo Audio
5x1 165MHz DVI-I
3.5mm Mini
RS-232, IR
TV One-Task™ products are ultra compact, high performance units that perform a single specific function. When the requirement is for high quality without the usual associated complexity to perform a dedicated job, a TV One-Taskô product is the solution.
Model Number Product Image Signal Type In/Out Bandwidth Connectors Notes
1T-MX-6344 1T-MX-6344 HDMI 4x4 225MHz HDMI Matrix, RS-232
V1.3 Compliant
1T-SX-632 1T-SX-632 HDMI 2x1 225MHz HDMI RS-232
V1.3 Compliant
1T-SX-644 1T-SX-644 HDMI 4x1 225MHz
V1.4 Compliant
1T-SX-634 1T-SX-634 HDMI 4x1 225MHz
V1.3 Compliant
1T-SX-524 1T-SX-524 DVI-D 4x1 165MHz
IR Extender

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