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Products in this category are no longer in production and are not currently being sold.  The products remain on our site for reference purposes.

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[Discontinued] CORIO2 Scan Converter w/ Genlock

Scan Converter w/ Genlock is a high performance down converter supporting a wide range of high resolution sources to an equally wide range of output types.


[Discontinued] DVI Distribution Amplifier w/HDCP - 1x4

1x4 DVI Distribution Amplifier w/HDCP provides 4x DVI outputs


[Discontinued] DVI Fiber Optic Transmitter Receiver Pair

This compact and efficient system allows the transmission of DVI-D video to distances up to 1,640 feet or 500 meters.


[Discontinued] DVI-D + Audio UTP Transmitter

Transmitter, used in conjunction with the 1T-CT-524 Receiver, can reliably transport high resolution DVI-D signals plus analog or digital audio to distances up to 100 meters (325 feet),


[Discontinued] DVI to VGA Format Converter/Scaler

Converts DVI-D signals to a variety of analog signals types and resolutions.


[Discontinued]DVI HDBaseT + Audio Transmitter (100 Meters)

DVI + Audio over Cat.6 with LAN,IR, and RS232 Transmitter using HDBaseT technology.