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Products in this category are no longer in production and are not currently being sold.  The products remain on our site for reference purposes.


[Discontinued] AVT-8120 Quad Splitter

AVT-8120 Quad Splitter combines four separate composite video signals from cameras or other video sources onto one video screen for simultaneous displaying and recording.


[Discontinued] HDMI UHD 4K HDBaseT 3-Play Receiver with RS-232, IR and Audio

Extend HDMI 1080p video over a single Cat5e/6/6e/7 cable up to 328ft/100m. Fully HDCP-compliant and capable of audio, IR and bi-directional RS-232.


[Discontinued] HD-SDI Routing Switcher and Input Expansion for C2 Series

8x2 HD-SDI Switcher or 7x expansion ports for C2 Series


[Discontinued] CORIO2 Down Converter w/ PiP, Keying and more

Converts high resolution Computer or HDTV signals to standard video formats. Key Mode, Picture-in-Picure and Effects are also  available in this model.


[Discontinued] CORIO2 HD Video Scaler w/ Picture in Picture

Video Switch/Scaler PLUS provides high quality up conversion from standard video formats to Computer or HDTV signals. Keying, PiP, Mix and Edge Blending are supported.


[Discontinued] CORIO2 Universal Video Scaler w/ Picture in Picture

Universal Video Scaler Plus provides high quality up, down and cross conversion between standard video, computer and HDTV signals.

Mondo Matrix 222R-16V16x16

[Discontinued] Mondo Matrix III VGA/UTP Scalable to 256x512 Magenta Research

UTP 16x16 matrix routing module for Magenta Multiview Signal Extension Systems. Expandable HD video routing systems to 256 x 512. Supports direct VGA input and UTP input. Magenta Research


[Discontinued] UTP Transmitter for RGBHV and Serial to 1000 feet

Transmitter is used to send RGBHV signals with RS-232 control commands as far as 1000 feet.