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End of Life

Products in this category are reaching the end of their production life.  User's that need these products for certain projects should contact their sales manager to secure the products that they need.


AVT-1660 Standards Converter

AVT -1660 Digital Standards Converter (formerly known as the CDM-660) allows you to freely convert between various worldwide television standards.


AVT-4714 Video DA

AVT-4714 Distribution Amplifier provides four identical Composite Video and Stereo Audio outputs from a single Composite Video and Stereo Audio input.


DVI Test Pattern Generator

ultra compact DVI Test Pattern Generators designed for portable applications.


DVI to HDMI Format Converter

Converts a Digital DVI signal to an HDMI compliant output allowing the viewing or switching of a DVI signal on an HDMI system.


Rack Mount Dual 7" LCD Monitors

Rack Mountable Dual 7" Color LCD Monitors for the broadcast and professional market


Rack Mount Quad 4" HDTV Monitors

LM-404HDA Rack Mountable Quad 4.3" Color Monitor for the broadcast and professional market.