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If you need to see your signal up to 30km (30,000m) distance then our Voyager is the perfect system.  Voyager can deploy in a multitude of network topologies to meet every solution need.

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[Discontinued] DVI Fiber Optic Transmitter Receiver Pair

This compact and efficient system allows the transmission of DVI-D video to distances up to 1,640 feet or 500 meters.

VG-Modular Transmitters

VOYAGER 2 and 4 Port Modular Fiber Optic Transmitters Magenta Research

VOYAGER modular fiber optic transmitters provide tremendous flexibility for overall system design. Point-to-point or as elements of a VG Matrix system. Magenta Research

2211107-01 CF-HDMI-TX2

VOYAGER CF-18 Fiber Optic 2-port HDMI/DVI Transmitter Card Magenta Research

Compact format modular card for use with VOYAGER Series CF-18 Rack Mountable Chassis. 1 HDMI input with 2 SFP outputs that support single-mode, multi-mode or direct wired SFP transceivers. HDCP Compliant Magenta Research