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HDBaseT Lite

If you need the advantages HDMI of HDBT but need a lower price point for your application or a lower operating distance of 60m then tvONE has a range of 3PLAY solutions including transmitters and a receiver.

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HDMI UHD 4K HDBaseT-Lite 7-Port Transmitter

Transmit 1080p/60 uncompressed video to 1T-CT-642 receivers as far away as 197 feet. HDCP Compliant


HDMI UHD 4K Transmitter up to 197 feet(60 Meters) HDBaseT Lite

HDMI over Single Cat.5e/Cat.6 system consists of a 1T-CT-641 Transmitter coupled with a 1T-CT-642 Receiver (each purchased separately) which employs HDMI v1.4 capability and the HDBaseT-Lite technology.