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CORIOmatrix 4K Universal I/O Scaling Matrix Router up to 32 ports

The world’s most advanced 4K modular multi-format AV matrix with a proven pedigree and uncompromised performance in mission critical environments


CORIOmatrix mini 4K Universal I/O Scaling Matrix Router

A 1RU high performance modular video scaling matrix switching system using modular inputs and outputs to smoothly scale and switch nearly every video format including HDBaseT, 4K and streaming media.

VG-48 VOYAGER Matrix 2330002-01

48-Port Fiber Optic Matrix Routing Platform Magenta Research

VOYAGER VG-48--A remarkably flexible and expandable 48 port Fiber Optic Digital Video Matrix Switching system that uses Flex IO™ technology to morph any port from input to output and back - on the fly! Expandable to 2000+ ports.