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HDMI 2.0 Power Injector

USB Powered HDMI Voltage Injector

1RK ONErack

Universal Rack Mounting System

ONErack is a universal, DC power distribution mounting system that vastly improves rack installation of small devices.


12v Rack Mount Power Supply for 5 Devices

A power distribution unit designed to replace up to 5 12VDC adapters. For use with common 12v, 1a devices

Mini Dense Pack - 2211045-02

5V/12V Rack Mount Power Supply for 12 Devices

A 1/2 RU rackmount power supply that provides 12v/5v power to as many as 12 devices. Magenta Research

Rack Mounts

Rack mounts used to support many of tvONE products


AP-411 Lip Sync Corrector

AP-411 Lip Sync Corrector is a compact device used to correct audio/video timing mismatches that result in the loss of synchronization of the two components of A/V program content.


AP-536 HDMI Audio Extractor

AP-536 HDMI Audio Extractor The AP-536 is a compact device that allows you to extract embedded audio from an HDMI signal.


EDID/CEC Selector

EDID/CEC Selector allows easy set up of the EDID and CEC parameters between a source and display monitor.