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  Down Converters  

Down Converters (also called Scan Converters) transform higher resolution computer images into lower resolution video images. TV One's range of conversion products are based on CORIO®2 technology and represent the latest in this field. All models are designed to convert computer signals of varying resolutions and vertical refresh rates into standard NTSC and PAL video signals. The C2-1000 and C2-2000A range also provide a YPbPr high resolution progressive scan outputs.

All C2, 1T-C2 and S2 series products that require external 12VDC power are compatible with the P2-105 5-DC Output Power Supply that may be used in lieu of the individual power adapters provided with each model.

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Product Product Image Max. Resolution Inputs Outputs Features
C2-2655 Photo
Coming Soon

PC to 1920x1080
HDTV to 1080p/60
1x HD-15, 1x DVI-U 1x DVI-I, 1x HDMI Key, PIP, Mix, Genlock
C2-2100A C2-2100A
PC to 2048x2048
HDTV to 1080p
RGB/YPbPr, Genlock(CV)
C2-2105A C2-2105A
Same as C2-2100A plus SD/HD-SDI Output
C2-2150A C2-2150A
PC to 2048x2048
HDTV to 1080p
CV, SV, YUV/YPbPr Key, PIP, Mix
C2-2155A C2-2155A
Same as C2-2150A plus SD/HD-SDI Output
C2-1100 C2-1100
PC to 2048x2048
HDTV to 1080p
C2-1150 C2-1150
PC to 2048x2048
HDTV to 1080p
2xRGB/YPbPr, CV, SV CV, SV, YUV/YPbPr Key, PIP, Mix,
Edge Blending
C2-160 C2-160
PC to 2048x2048
HDTV to 1080p
RGB/YPbPr, CV, SV CV, SV Key, PIP, Mix
Note 1: DVI-D Inputs do not accommodate analog signals
Note 2: RGB Inputs/Outputs can also accommodate YPbPr, RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB
Note 3: All Products accommodate PC Resolutions to 2048x2048 plus all known HDTV Resolutions
TV One-Task™ products are ultra compact, high performance units that perform a single specific function. When the requirement is for high quality without the usual associated complexity to perform a dedicated job, a TV One-Taskô product is the solution.
Product Product Image Max. Res. Inputs Outputs Features
1T-C2-100 1T-C2-100 PC to 2048x2048
HDTV to 1080p
RGB CV, SV AutoSet
1T-C2-150 1T-C2-150 PC to 2048x2048
HDTV to 1080p
RGB, CV, SV CV, SV Key, Pip, Mix, AutoSet
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Down Converter Catalog Page (3.1MB PDF) (right click/save as to save)
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