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Success Story - Apple Produções

Unique Art On Top Of Art

SEBRAE, an agency known for their support to entrepreneurs and small companies, wanted to go big for the commercial launch of their new website. How big? A video wall display over the one side of the MASP (Sao Paulo Museum of Art) building, located over Paulista Ave in Sao Paulo City. Art on top of art in a unique street scene setting was used as a theme. Video projected on the side of a large building combining projectors seamlessly using TV One video processors in an edge blending video creation.

How did they do it? First, they looked to Apple Produções, a Latin American company located in Casa Verde, Sao Paulo. Apple Produções has been serving Latin America for more than 20 years in the events market. When Apple Produções discovered what SEBRAE needed for their commercial launch, they knew who they could turn to: TV One.

Aleksander Gama, Technical Director of Apple Produções, states, "TV One products were selected for this project due to their numerous adjustment options and because of the ease and speed you can set and adjust the Edge-Blending to obtain optimum quality results".

With help from TV One, Apple Produções selected key products for optimal video wall applications by installing one 1T-VGA-414 and five C2-2350A's. The program content was from a Mac computer and the signal was processed using the 1st C2-2350A, and then sent to the 1T-VGA-414, 1 X 4 distribution amplifier where each output went to the remaining 4 C2-2350A's to do the edge-blending on the side of the building, using 4 SANYO 15,000 ANSI lumen projectors.

The projectors for this application were located on the other side of the Avenue (40-45 meters from the Building side) and approximately 7-8 meters off the ground. One TV One Scaler was used for each projector with approximately 15 meters in between to cover the width of the screen. There was a 10 percent overlap used between each C2-2350A and projector.

"As users and makers of TV ONE in Brazil, we can say that in addition to the satisfaction of our client for a job well done, we got excellent recognition from integrators and enterprises engaged in this type of event with the quality obtained using TV ONE products", states Aleksander.