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Success Story - Dr. Oz

TV One & Dr. Oz Show Combine For Big Screen Rx

TV One’s Switcher/Scalers help provide display solution for studio-set background

The new daytime syndicated series “The Dr. Oz Show”, produced by ZoCo Productions LLC and co-produced by Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television (SPT), utilize TV One’s Universal Switcher/Scalers to produce an illuminated background on the set.

The AV system used for this background image not only had to be capable of producing the required output, but also needed flexibility of setup, redundancy and contrast as well as being completely portable for movement around the building. The solution was found with the assistance of installer Videofilm Systems, which was to combine a rear projection screen, two stacked 6k high definition projectors and two C2-2355A TV One Processors.

This set-up allowed the projection of a large, clear and bright image onto the screen using the Genlock and alignment features of the C2-2355A processors. All necessary adjustments were made easily by Videofilm Systems via the TV One units, to ensure that a fully prepared and seamless video image was output to the two projectors. As the only rear projection on the set, the giant wide angle screen came under close scrutiny at its debut performance and everybody agreed that it exceeded expectations.

Dale Cihi of Videofilm Systems commented, “This cost-saving, large screen display made the clients very happy and the fact that when the rental is over I will be left with a useful product makes me very happy. We plan on using TV One processors for future large set TV projects in the works for the Golf Channel with a center screen application and the Colbert Report HD set utilizing blended video strips and video columns.”

The C2-2355A Universal Video Switcher/Scaler is based on TV One’s exclusive CORIO® technology and provides high quality bi-directional conversion between a variety of formats. The edge-blending, keying power, and complete control of all the video parameters allow for unique application solutions and spectacular set designs and this is what separates TV One products from the competition. CORIO® is a stylized form of the word choreography and refers to TV One’s mission of choreographing video, a design philosophy that will continue to be implemented in future technology development.