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Success Story - Lime Instruments

Lime Instruments Prepare for the Toughest Oil Environments with TV One's C2-6104A

LIME Instruments, LLC is a Houston-based global provider of the leading-edge controls and instrumentation systems for the energy industry. Using TV One's C2-6104A 4-Window DVI-U Multiviewer as part of their package, LIME Instruments offer their clients the ultimate in hydraulic fracturing, using their Data Vans. Lime Instruments Data Vans are proclaimed to be capable of standing up to the toughest oilfield environments, while also providing the most detailed data acquisition and controls possible.

Acting as a mobile command center for hydraulic fracturing (the process of creating a fracture in a rock by means of high pressure fluid to increase the extraction of oil or gas) jobs, Lime Instruments Data Vans contain up to nine computers that capture information from each piece of equipment in the frac spread. The overall objective is to make up to four individual screens of critical hydraulic fracturing job data simultaneously visible by the oil company representative via a ruggedized 55" touch screen display mounted to the wall of each van. This data is gathered by various sensors mounted on the equipment in the frac spread.

"When searching for a solution that would complement our state of the art Data Vans, we knew we needed a product that understood the need for quality while providing a straightforward user interface. The C2-6104A allows our customers to display critical job information in a format that is easily understandable and customizable to their customer's unique specifications," states Grant Butrum, Sales Director at Lime Instruments.

In these Data Vans, the TV One C2-6104A is used to gather information from various sources throughout the hydraulic fracturing spread and send them to the ruggedized 55" touch screen display. Butrum states, "The reason we use the C2-6104A instead of simply composting a four quadrant screen is for the redundancy provided in the event that one or more computers driving the screen were to fail". He continues, "We operate in very demanding environments – from frigid temperatures of Canada to unbearable heat in South Texas and because of this, we must plan for all varieties of failure and for the fact that we are often nowhere near the resources to properly fix it".

The CORIOview C2-6104A Multiviewer is a 4-Window DVI-U Processor that has five DVI-U inputs (including one for cascade or background usage) to place up to four sizeable and re-positional windows on a single DVI-I output. Each window is powered by a CORIO®2 scaler featuring ten front panel presets which can be re-defined and 50 presets fitted and added for maximum flexibility. This high quality, feature rich, cost effective product, with DVI-U universal input capabilities, is what separates TV One from its competitors and helps meet the growing demand in today's complex command and control rooms.