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Universal Routers

Routing Switchers allow multiple signal sources to be routed to destinations without moving input and output cables. Routing Switchers can be for a variety of different video and audio formats.

The S2 Series are multi-functional products. They can operate as standalone switchers with local and remote control. However, their real power is displayed when connected to a C2 Series Scaler/Switcher. In their role as Expansion Modules for the C2 Series, the connection between the units via the Options Connector allows seamlessly integration of the S2 unit into the C2. From an operational and control standpoint, the additional inputs become part of the C2 connected Scaler/Switcher.


4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher w/HDCP

Matrix router for HDMI signals. Any four (4) inputs can be routed to any or all four (4) outputs.


[Discontinued] CV or S-Video Switcher with Stereo 4x1

4x1 CV or S-Video Switcher with Stereo - RCA Connections


[Discontinued] HDMI Switcher - 4x1

4 input HDMI Video Switcher that supports HDMI with HDCP.


[Discontinued] HD-SDI Routing Switcher and Input Expansion for C2 Series

8x2 HD-SDI Switcher or 7x expansion ports for C2 Series


Component Video Switcher with Stereo 4x1

4x1 HDTV Switcher with Stereo - YPbPr Connections


DVI + Audio Input 5-Port Expansion for C2 Series Switchers

Input Expansion ports adds 5 DVI-D ports with Stereo Audio to C2 Series Switchers


DVI Matrix Router 8x8 no HDCP

8x8 DVI Matrix Router provides 8 DVI-D inputs and 8 DVI-D outputs with full one-to-many matrix capability.