Image on projector is blurry / blurred - but direct connection is not This may be caused by the computer source being scaled twice - once by the CORIO unit and once again by the projector.

Many projectors have a 'native' resolution of 1024x768 - which means that that's the resolution of the LCD within the projector that forms the image.

Therefore the projector must convert whatever is coming in to that resolution.

Some CORIO2 units (e.g. C2-2000A series, 1T-C2-750, 1T-C2-760, C2-6000 series) now default to a resolution of 1280x1024, and so the projector will convert this back to 1024x768 before displaying it.

If the original image source from the computer / laptop is 1024x768, then this will display perfectly if connected to the projector (since it matches the projector's resolution exactly). Putting it through a scaler that converts it to  1280x1024 will add some slight image degradation as it needs to create 'intermediate' pixels for that output resolution.

Taking this 1280x1024 and letting the projector convert it back to 1024x768 will add a second scaling process - which will degrade it slightly even further.

The solution is to set the CORIO2 output resolution (in 'Adjust outputs') to the native resolution of the projector - thus avoiding any extra scaling process within the projector.

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