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Application Stories

  Brussels, Belgium– tvONE CORIOmaster2 and Hippotizer solutions have been installed at the Council of the European Union and European Council headquarters in Brussels, to drive several LED and LCD walls used as graphical backdrop during high-level international events.

Osnabrück, Germany – German video conferencing expert GreenIT24 has created an inspired unified communications solution for companies using MS Teams and Zoom rooms, with a tvONE CORIOview multi-window processor at its core.

  Inavate Magazine: Intelligent audio, flexible setups and a streamlined control system combine to create a pioneering theatre at the heart of the Amman Academy. Reece Webb reports.

  Dallas, USA – tvONE®, a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge video and multimedia processing equipment, announced that a CORIOmaster mini® video wall processor is driving the new Church of God – a Worldwide Association (COGWA) - TV Studio at its Texas headquarters.

 Cape Canaveral, USA – tvONE’s robust and reliable ONErack® universal powered mounting system has taken on one of its most mission critical applications to date after being installed at America’s United Launch Alliance sites – which provide rocket launch services for NASA spacecraft.

  Celebrated French digital artist Charles Giulioli’s latest exhibition featured a colourful range of landscape pieces displayed on a series of screens, fed by a tvONE® CORIOmaster® mini.