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tvONE (www.tvone.com) announces another CORIOmaster video wall processing success story at Noorderpoort, a vocational school located in Groningen with about 800 students studying Technology & ICT training.

The heart of the school is the canteen, a meeting place where students and teachers come together. Video was previously played through a projector in the canteen, but the images were not always sharp and clear due to a lot of surrounding glass in the room.

To fix the video clarity issues and impress the students with an innovative solution, integrators Bano & Intronics suggested a tvONE CORIOmaster video wall processor to create a video wall consisting of multiple monitors to display one large image. The CORIOmaster is a versatile video wall processor with unprecedented power allowing different video sources to be displayed on a video wall in 4K resolution.

The result included a 3x3 video wall integrated into a central control panel. The video wall is showing a moving picture; the information is current and being controlled remotely. A variety of music, soccer games, timetables and relevant news can now be shown to the students.

 "I can proudly say that Bano in co-operation with lntronics, for the first time, delivered and installed a video wall. Content on the video wall is edited and managed from a simple, centralized console. The simplicity lies in the fact that everyone can work with it,” says Danny Reiffers, Manager of Sales & Installation at Bano.

The user has full control in perfect positioning, processing and resizing content on the screen. This is done efficiently and in real-time. Also, the images can be quickly and easily integrated into various resolutions to provide the desired effect. Thanks to the unlimited possibilities of CORIOmaster, more and more students and teachers are now coming to the canteen.