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This feature is only available on the following devices with firmware version 270 or higher:C2-2105A, C2-2150A, C2-2155A,C2-2250A, C2-2255A, C2-2355A1T-C2-750, 1T-C2-760

Firmware updates are issued to add new features, or to fix known issues on units. The following things are reset when a firmware update occurs:1. All saved non-volatile settings are put back to factory defaults.2. All custom resolutions are erased.

The 'Rb' at the end of a resolution description means 'reduced blanking'. To explain this further: analog RGBHV signals (and YPbPr) need some time after the horizontal sync in order to 'clamp' the black level - i.e. to sense the lowest (black) point in the video signal. This is the main reason for the blanking time in video signals.

Some PC graphic cards do not output 1280 x 720p correctly. There appear to be two variants of this resolution, one with the correct number of lines per frame (750), and one with the incorrect number (746). It would seem that this is due to some graphic cards being unable to generate the correct pixel clock frequency (74.25MHz for 60Hz and 74.1758MHz for 59.94Hz).

The C2-4000 and C2-5000 series units were updated in November 2006 with larger micro-controllers to handle the extra program space required for CC-300 CORIOconsole compatibility. Previous units cannot be made compatible. The following is a list of serial numbers for when this change was made. If your unit has a serial number equal to or greater than this one, it is compatible with the CC-300 CORIOconsole.

Edge blending features are now present in many units from version 71onwards. See C2-7000 Series firmware updates These features let you merge two projector images with each other whenplaced side by side. The 2 channels of video processing in the C2-7000series are perfectly suited to this, however the actual setup of theprojectors can be difficult.

C2-2000 units with the ability to genlock to a composite video source also have a H/V Shift adjustment in the Adjust outputs menu. These units are:C2-2100C2-2105C2-2150C2-2155C2-2350C2-2355

Products affected: all units in C2-7000 series.C2-7100, C2-7110, C2-7200, C2-7210, C2-7260, C2-7310

Memory types used in CORIO2 productsThis FAQ applies to: All 1T-C2 seriesAll C2-1000 seriesAll C2-2000 seriesAll C2-3000 seriesAll C2-4000 seriesAll C2-5000 seriesAll C2-6000 seriesAll C2-7000 series