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Here's how to do this from a Windows PC on the same network as the CORIO unit: 1. Click START, 'Run' and enter 'CMD' to open an MS-DOS window.2. Ping the CORIO unit from the PC by entering 'PING' or whatever IP address is valid.3. Then run the 'ARP -A' command (address resolution protocol) and it will show a list of all IP addresses that the computer has contacted, along with the associated physical (MAC) addresses.4. From the table it should be easy to see the MAC address.

CORIOmaster has 5 user accounts. For setting up the device, you'll want to use the admin account. The user accounts are used to restrict functionality to preset and input switching. Username | Passwordadmin | adminpwuser1 | user1pwuser2 | user2pwuser3 | user3pwuser4 | user4pw